Friday, June 18, 2010


Up Super Chickens!

Was the Kaita guy wrong? Should he be vilified etc etc...Well, I really dont care much about that.
I just appreciate the work that has gone into this (Did I hear you say 'bored souls', *chuckle*)


KAITA (Kai-ta)
v. Kai*ta, Kai*tas, kai*ta'ed, kai*ta'ing

1. To single-handedly dash the hopes and aspirations of one's nation in the full glare of other nations
2. To karate-kick your way out of the greatest stage/spotlight ever known to man
3. To destroy/zap/ siphon the energies of team mates plus 140 million people through unexplainable stupidity
4. To act foolishly, unintelligently or irrationally and IMMEDIATELY regret the action by falling on your knees

(Etymology: Derived from the dreadful match between Nigeria and lowly Greece at the 2010 Soccer World Cup)


"Please, please, do not KAITA what we have been building for 50 years o! Oloshi!"

"I don't care what people say, I will KAITA the multi-billion dollar plan!"

"That man, you know, the hopeless, useless, visionless, KAITAing guy!"

"I was KAITAing until I met Jesus!"


1. Sabotage
2. Incapacitate
3. Destroy/Demobilize
4. Jeopardize
5. Impair
6. Implode
7. Shege Banza!


KAITA (Kai-ta)
n. Kai*ta

A term that describes a temporary but kaitastrophic loss of mental competency and faculty.
See also Instant Amnesia.
(Source: davidylan)

KAITAISIS (Kai-ta-i-sis)
n. Kai*ta*i*sis

1. A new mental sickness recently discovered by Neurosurgeons. It affects the victim's ability to think right or make right judgement especially when it matters most.

2. Victims often confuse the game of soccer for a karate session. Its derived from the new word KAITA
(Source: tlops)

KAITARIZATION (Kai-ta-ri-za- tion)
n. Kai*ta*ri*za* shen

Kaitarization is the act of being turned into a useless mongol OR a Shaolin Temple soccer player.
(Source: chichi234 & colomb)

KAITA-KAITA (Kai-ta-kai- ta)
n. Kai*ta*kai*ta

Kaita-Kaita means unprecedented confusion and unimaginable pandemonium
Usage: "Kaita-kaita don burst!"
(Source: lizzybabe1)

KAITA (Kai-ta)
n. Kai*ta

A highly explosive bomb needed more in Iraq than in Nigeria
Usage: "Allied Forces just dropped the K-Bomb! Yes! The Kaita! Ladies and gentlemen, the war is over!!!"
(Source: ActiveMan)

KAITARACT (Kai-ta-ra-ct)
n. Kai*ta*ra*kt

A one-of-a-kind eye defect that makes a soccer player see another player as a Jabulani Ball to be kicked
Usage: "Pity, he suffered from a sudden chronic case of Kaitaract"

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Meanwhile I have a bone to pick with those folks at naija blog awards...THEY WOULDNT LET ME VOTE FOR ALL MY PEEPS AT ONCE!!! For everyone who won…kudos. Those who didn’t. Who cares? WE made them winners right?
Man! Have I missed you fellas or what? Why haven’t I kept in touch? I wish I could blame it on the dog but I don’t have. Have I said how much I've missed you guys?
I told meself today “ol boy, bera say something on blogger before those good folks start confirming their suspicion that you be ‘wowoh’ person o”,and I replied “ ol boy, na true o…”. So I've been trying to decide what to post as my "resurrection entry" but couldn’t quite decide so I've chosen to just make this my "ABEG, NO VEX" post.
A part of it I blame on my new work, a part on despicable internet services and a huge chunk on my Blackberry Post paid service. That BB Chat ish is IVIIIIL, I tell ya. It did keep me company during a lotta stuff, though. 
Okay so I was saying I have plenty gist for una. I’ve been to so many places and met so so many people with their different tales and issues that I’m practically bursting with gist. Problem now is getting a blog writer app for my Blackberry *sigh*
Anyways, to everyone who checked up on Mancee, thank you. For those who didn’ were just about to, shay? It’s all luv and I 'gbadun' all of una, DIE.
Meanwhilly, BRACE YOURSELVES, I'm back and shall be all over una blogs soon enough. Be afraid. Be veeery afraid.
Mancee is badder than ever , lol. (I wish)

Emancipation from the bondage of the soil is no freedom for the tree.
-Rabindranath Tagore