Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pally1: I want to come back home oooooooo:'(
ManCee: Who chase you b4?
Pally1: Me ;;)
ManCee: So....
Like I said before...
Pally1: :*cwying* I'll whine all I want
ManCee: Cwy cwy baby :p
Pally1: Leeme o ehen
ManCee: Cwy cwy baby
Na you go taya
When you taya
You no go cwy again.
Pally1: ROFL
ManCee: *chuckle*
Pally1: A cwy poem, ROFL
ManCee: Lol
As old as I can remember....
My mum used to chant it for my lil sis
Pally1: Lol
Never heard it. She was a cwy baby like me?
ManCee: Chic cwied for next to no reason. Wakes cwying sef. I swear up till primary schl o
Pally1: Lol. Is she the last born?
ManCee: Till my mama cured her
ManCee: No o...
Pally1: Wht did she do?
ManCee: Oh! One of those early-morning-wake-up-cwying-sessions....I heard sounds that resembled drum beating...
Actually, the sound woke me..
Pally1: What was the sound?
ManCee: I heard my sister voice...Man of the house, I sprung to action...
With speed to make Clark Kent green..I sped to the corridor
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: With speed to make Bruce Wayne cower I pieced together the puzzle...
There was my beloved sister cowering in a corner
Pally1: Oya na... *skipping impatiently from side to side*
ManCee: Next to her my dear mother. My sister's face was dotted with surprise.. My mother's with satisfaction
Pally1: Lol. What did she do? What did she do?
ManCee: The lil girl was trying to get away from the Physical Education Masters holder + educator in front of her..
ManCee: With the next raising of the bigger female's hand...I dashed forward ...Grabbed her hand, came in between the two.. "Mummy, what did she do? Why are you beating her like so..?!
And my mum who is one of the most balanced persons I know shrugged and answered...'Nothing'
... 'NOTHING'?!
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: Omg, where is her husband?
Where is the man who married this female?!
Pally1: She was just beating her for nothing!:O
ManCee: Her marbles are definitely missing more than a few
The unthinkable
The abomination!
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: Walking away to continue her morning chores, she continued...
"Everytime she cwies and ppl ask me why, I always say 'I don't know' "
But now if they do, I'll tell them I beat her.
Pally1: what did she do?
ManCee: I swear to you by the unfailing mental well being of that dear woman till date and the incredulity of my beloved sister's sustained healing till date...
The I-will-beat-you-before-you-have-a-chance-to-cry prognosis WORKED!
Our house never heard the early-morning-wake-up-cwyings again,
Pally1: ROFL
ManCee: But mama's thumping was heard at other times, for different erring child-members of the household who decided to give her a reason to remember the biblical saying that...
"In the heart of a child is madness. 'Pashan' (yoruba for cane) will remove it" O:)
And look how great we turned out. :D
Pally1: Lol
Yeah, it works all the time
God bless our mothers :)
ManCee: *Amen * may our kids be able to eventually say same for us.
Pally1: Lol. Amen oooo!