Monday, September 26, 2011


A haunted man
By the stillbirth pains
Of dreams unfulfilled/ unforgotten
Preyed on
By the truism of desire
And the veracity of failure
Humbled beneath his quivering feet
(Forced into) hiding in the twines of self doubt
Solace seeking in the shadow of the past
Cowering before the promise of the future
Camouflaging in strength and resolve
Face as uncompromising as flint
Heart as vulnerable as butter
Body torn between either extreme
Head reeling in aching formulae
-formulations to predict happiness
Intelligent theories that miss the obvious truth
The transparent truth taught in nurseries
"One bad fruit don't spoil the whole bunch"
Not every soul can really be saved
'Life' happens to even the best of us

The journey is long; the trip is hard
The man who lasts is the man who is
The redemption song is a self sung one
Mental slavery and emancipation
For none but ourself can free our own mind
With no fraternity with failures of the past
No fear of the luminousity of the future
Chasing down each dream with resolve steely
With swords of desire, driving through each
A need for fresh air, to be, to breathe
To be happy, find fulfillment, and to live
And cease to be
'A haunted man'.


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