Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, my older cousin called me up last night. 'Go to my fb page, look for a certain chic called (say) 'Helen'. Check out her page and call me back'.

I sighed, the matchmakers wont let up would they? I did as instructed, chic had a sorta poem that started out well and sorta grew so effusive while trying to be vague that i wouldn't have given it a good grade. I read the almost equally effusive comments and wondered if people still understood poetry at all. I wanted to leave a short 'critique' but I had to be 'friends'. *sigh*

She has like 4 blog pages (2 on wordpress, 2 on blogger) last updated in 2009-all on the same day. The one that had the most had just 2 entries.

Called bros back. He rants off her biodata, I'm trying to put together a profile of her in my head. I tell bros about the other chic i just met, not too much details just a heads-up thing. He says to at least be friends with the nu girl and just check her out. I'm chuckling, but the need to comment on the girls's lengthy 'poem' becomes I log back on, ask to be fB friends and left a personal msg that I read her 'poem' and have some comment to add.

What do I have to lose?If she adds me, I get to have fun poking fun at her, and she may just learn a thing or two. If not *yawn*, back to my ps3 baby....
Perhaps I'm really outta my mind.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I met someone.

Friend of a friend's wife

At a friend's wedding where I was the compere

Been seeing her for a couple of weeks

It would appear she thinks I'm all that

I maintain my aloofness like she's just there

She knows my story and doesnt mind

I like her and she seems 'my kind'

I'm wondering if I'm outta my mind.