Friday, January 29, 2010


'Oh! Mancee you are not going anywhere are you?' Asked my Superintendent.
Was he kidding me? An opportunity to see my ogas make a grand fool of themselves? I sure am not missing this for anything. Lol. I was positively brimming with excitement- so were the other spectators.

Novelty match between superintendents. Woohoo! Normally I wouldn't attend such events but a friend was made the referee though she didn't even know the rules-so I had to accompany her to run her through her expected duties and the need to work through her linesmen, blah blah blah. My superintendent saw me and I got to hold his glasses and keys.

The GM took the first shot, with two female superintendents keeping the goal posts.
'Pppreeew!', my pseudo-referee friend blew her whistle and 'chuku, chuku, chuku…' they were off...! See their legs fluttering on the pitch, I wan die.

Before you could say 'na wah o', one of my supts was rolling along ground with the ball- an uproar went up in the crowd. See laughter...of course I hid my face to laugh. There was an 'ali-baba' moment when two supts on the same side collided with their pot- bellies. Laff wan kill me die, it was all I could do not to roll on the floor as I temporarily lost control of my motor skills from laff-paralysis. 10 mins later, 10 sweaty supts later half time ended.

Second half was just as hilarious. My tummy muscles ached from the laughter so much I had to squat. A certain Superintendent dribbled some others and scored, there was an uproar. When the GM learnt that the guy plays ball normally, he disqualified the goal and gave him a red card. Lol. Of course he’s not the referee.

All in all, it ended a “goaless draw”-like one of our community labor guys later commented. I had fun and so did a lotta people.

I can only conclude one thing- the 'inventor' of novelty matches was a dis-gruntled employee for whom visualizing his employers naked no longer met his vengeance needs. But ma'am! We have him/her to thank for one of the best laughs in our corporate year.

Ps: A fulfilling new year to you all.