Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The I'm too hot syndrome

So there's this fella from way back who all his life had been a church boy, became a church 'bro', was many times an executive on his Campus fellowship board etc etc

Guy finished with school and NYSC and landed a real swell job with schlumberger ( for those who don't know, that's a really sweet job right there). Went abroad on a 6month training, had a car and apartment all set up in like light speed quick. In short, guy was no longer am 'average' dude.

However, my guy never had a girlfriend before. Not even a 'sister' from college days. He was effing timid when it came to lady things. Sure he fancied a few ladies in school..but that was it. None of them ever got to know of it. So my guy has been eyeing a particular chic in church ( equally a church girl) and finally -with our encouragement- steps up to her to ask her to be his girlfriend. The girl agreed within a short while. Drop dead gorgeous good churchy damsel, most definitely a virgin and all thÉ works.

Then bobo -all by himself- has an epiphany. If this girl who is the envy of all bros could jell for him so quickly, no no no; if HE could get the girl with so little effort, then that means he's just an ugly duckling who has always been a swan all aloÑg! To test his theory, he broke up with Pweety and went after another...same result!

...And thus was a monster born.

Fast foward a year later, dude is a confirmed ladies man. Babes calling in left right and centre. He confessed to have done a threesome at least thrice! Nice right!? When we met again, he tried to impress me with his 'awesome' statistics.

I laughed at his juvenile rantings and educated him on "Mancee's Law of Universal Averageness". WÍthout the high soundiÑg words, it just says we are all the same. Some haters have said it derives from Biblical Solomon's "Nothing new under the sun". By implication, you actually don't have a truly unique and exclusive thought; someone else is thinking your exact same thoughts somewhere else. No don't confuse this with alternate dimension crap...it aint the same.

Anyways, in this case; ever woken up someday and told yourself that IF someone were to grab you and beg you for sex that day, you'd happily oblige? Well, at least one other person is thinking same. So while you wait for 'someone' to make the move, 'someone' is ...wait for it... Waiting/hoping/ wishing that YOU would make the move. Lastline? No one gets laid- unless someone actually does the required action- ASK.

So, as a 'player' and or 'slut' (gender irrelevant), when you think you've 'scored', you have only met with your other 'Thought-Sharer/peer'. NÓ big deal. You still aint all that.If you 'score' often...you are just meeting people who share your thought and have been waiting for the offer.

We all aint all that. We are all the same...

-Mancee :D
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