Thursday, January 13, 2011


1) Be Happy

2) Skydive

3) Bungee jump

4) Make out in the cinemas

5) Float a company

6) Secure a wife who loves my wowoh self totally

7) Have kids I can do 'chop knuckle' with

8) Ski on the swiss alps

9) Go on a 14 days boat cruise

10) Go scuba diving

...Put a safari trip somewhere in there :)

Pretty crowded top ten right? And the plan is to DO THEM ALL. Especially while I'm young and can still enjo the trips.

I better start now shay. I know and I'm sooo on it. The dream chasing starts with 2011, My year of ...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011, My year of...

New year's eve...I watched in a semi daze as folks bustled by, smiles on their faces and you could hear the laughter in their voces. I paused to wonder what the excitement was all about...its just another day, then the night and yet another day. Sure, we call it a new year but its just a repetition of the same orbital journey round the sun. Remembering that the earth has been doing the same thing for thousands of years (or millions depending on who you are listening to)...I just cant help but wonder at our inate ability to take common place events and magnify them into festivities and label them as culture.

Well, I guess it all serves as anchors for our collective and individual sanities...something to look forward to. Hmmm!

The folks trooping to places of worship sure wont necessarily be better people, the ones in front of the big screen at home aint any better.

I opted for the 42"inch screen, watching the preacher man by broadband and trying to will my heart into the mood. My visiting friends would hear nothing of it..."We must go to church". *sigh*

What difference does it make anyways? we are still going to be watching a screen ( with worse resolution and comfort) due to overcrowding at the church from folks like us who endeavor to attend at least 3x a year...Easter, Christmas and New yrs eve.

The preacher declares the year a year of.....(insert any fancy sounding phrase of your choice that means more money, really). There were the annoying fireworks ...a few mugging incidents too. Next morning, all the car stickers from different churches all mean the same to me; 'unlimited success', 'outstanding breakthrough', 'unequalled favour'. 'supernatural prosperity'. These things are almost as humorous as some church names. Guess its the same folks behind it all.

I wont be a cynic this year. Well, not entirely. lol
A friend made me write my "top ten" bucket list- I intend to chase them.

2010 can be penned as my questionning and healing year

Mancee...welcome to 2011, My year of possibilities, dream chasing and actualising.

Oh!...and a fulfilling new year to you all. *Hugs*