Thursday, January 13, 2011


1) Be Happy

2) Skydive

3) Bungee jump

4) Make out in the cinemas

5) Float a company

6) Secure a wife who loves my wowoh self totally

7) Have kids I can do 'chop knuckle' with

8) Ski on the swiss alps

9) Go on a 14 days boat cruise

10) Go scuba diving

...Put a safari trip somewhere in there :)

Pretty crowded top ten right? And the plan is to DO THEM ALL. Especially while I'm young and can still enjo the trips.

I better start now shay. I know and I'm sooo on it. The dream chasing starts with 2011, My year of ...



  1. Happy New Year, our missing brother! Long time, hope you're good. May you finish your top ten and more, Amen.

  2. Which kind cheap Bucket List be this? (except ofcuz, the wife 7 kids part)

    My guy, 12 months is more than enough to achieve all those things *whispers* i did No.10 in December last year...yaaay

    No.2 (&maybe 3) is an April plan, but just thinking about right now, i wan shit

    Do No.4 this weekend, then start the registration waka of No.5 on Monday
    Swiss Alps, you're on your own

    *2 thumbs up my guy

    Feed us back on your progress, ok?

  3. How come I didnt see this?
    Awww. I love your bucket list, esp no 2 and 3!!! then no 1! I'm sure no 6 wouldnt be too hard. Anyway, GOODLUCK! haha and keep us updated :)

  4. Wow
    How time flies.
    How una dey?
    Happy to report in…2,8 &9 are the only things left.
    Wifey wouldn't let me do 2 and I've upgraded 8 to visit antarctica (I know right) but I've skied in Dubai in the interim. *chuckle*
    One love


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