Wednesday, December 28, 2011


There was a time when i couldn't imagine not being on blogger for a week. These days, tis hard to actually be on blogger at least once in a month.

When i think about my blogger history, the why i started it and what it helped me with and ALL the wonderfully correct peeps i was opportuned to meet on blogger...i almost feel like a friend was telling me she felt about church;

She said when she was yet unmarried, she had a lot of time to spend in church. Moreover, all the people who were "her type" were there in church as she had always been a church girl herself. Fast forward 10years later, she has a family to look after; a husband and 2 toddlers and my friend was fretting that she no longer had time to be so so involved in church activities. According to her, the preacher man was insinuating that because they all now had what they wanted, they have neglected God and "His work".

I laughed and noted to her how the preacher man was just being either a selfish something something or just couldn't see beyond his pious nose. God would definitely expect these hardworking women to spend more time taking care of their homes which is the bedrock of the faith and the society in general. Perhaps Preacher Man should focus on the unmarried "youth" and let married folks be responsible devouts.. As opposed to just being devouts.

Same way, I like to think Blogsville will understand my absence and not chalk it down to another ingrate that came, took and disappeared. I am doing my part in encouraging more new folks to blog even if I can't make the time like I would love to.
Man, tis hard balancing this with the responsibilities life and work have thrusted on me. But I'm confident that y'all understand that ManCee can't forget you, even when I don't remember.

Compliments of the season.

Stay smiling

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Pally1: I want to come back home oooooooo:'(
ManCee: Who chase you b4?
Pally1: Me ;;)
ManCee: So....
Like I said before...
Pally1: :*cwying* I'll whine all I want
ManCee: Cwy cwy baby :p
Pally1: Leeme o ehen
ManCee: Cwy cwy baby
Na you go taya
When you taya
You no go cwy again.
Pally1: ROFL
ManCee: *chuckle*
Pally1: A cwy poem, ROFL
ManCee: Lol
As old as I can remember....
My mum used to chant it for my lil sis
Pally1: Lol
Never heard it. She was a cwy baby like me?
ManCee: Chic cwied for next to no reason. Wakes cwying sef. I swear up till primary schl o
Pally1: Lol. Is she the last born?
ManCee: Till my mama cured her
ManCee: No o...
Pally1: Wht did she do?
ManCee: Oh! One of those early-morning-wake-up-cwying-sessions....I heard sounds that resembled drum beating...
Actually, the sound woke me..
Pally1: What was the sound?
ManCee: I heard my sister voice...Man of the house, I sprung to action...
With speed to make Clark Kent green..I sped to the corridor
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: With speed to make Bruce Wayne cower I pieced together the puzzle...
There was my beloved sister cowering in a corner
Pally1: Oya na... *skipping impatiently from side to side*
ManCee: Next to her my dear mother. My sister's face was dotted with surprise.. My mother's with satisfaction
Pally1: Lol. What did she do? What did she do?
ManCee: The lil girl was trying to get away from the Physical Education Masters holder + educator in front of her..
ManCee: With the next raising of the bigger female's hand...I dashed forward ...Grabbed her hand, came in between the two.. "Mummy, what did she do? Why are you beating her like so..?!
And my mum who is one of the most balanced persons I know shrugged and answered...'Nothing'
... 'NOTHING'?!
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: Omg, where is her husband?
Where is the man who married this female?!
Pally1: She was just beating her for nothing!:O
ManCee: Her marbles are definitely missing more than a few
The unthinkable
The abomination!
Pally1: Lol
ManCee: Walking away to continue her morning chores, she continued...
"Everytime she cwies and ppl ask me why, I always say 'I don't know' "
But now if they do, I'll tell them I beat her.
Pally1: what did she do?
ManCee: I swear to you by the unfailing mental well being of that dear woman till date and the incredulity of my beloved sister's sustained healing till date...
The I-will-beat-you-before-you-have-a-chance-to-cry prognosis WORKED!
Our house never heard the early-morning-wake-up-cwyings again,
Pally1: ROFL
ManCee: But mama's thumping was heard at other times, for different erring child-members of the household who decided to give her a reason to remember the biblical saying that...
"In the heart of a child is madness. 'Pashan' (yoruba for cane) will remove it" O:)
And look how great we turned out. :D
Pally1: Lol
Yeah, it works all the time
God bless our mothers :)
ManCee: *Amen * may our kids be able to eventually say same for us.
Pally1: Lol. Amen oooo!

Monday, September 26, 2011


A haunted man
By the stillbirth pains
Of dreams unfulfilled/ unforgotten
Preyed on
By the truism of desire
And the veracity of failure
Humbled beneath his quivering feet
(Forced into) hiding in the twines of self doubt
Solace seeking in the shadow of the past
Cowering before the promise of the future
Camouflaging in strength and resolve
Face as uncompromising as flint
Heart as vulnerable as butter
Body torn between either extreme
Head reeling in aching formulae
-formulations to predict happiness
Intelligent theories that miss the obvious truth
The transparent truth taught in nurseries
"One bad fruit don't spoil the whole bunch"
Not every soul can really be saved
'Life' happens to even the best of us

The journey is long; the trip is hard
The man who lasts is the man who is
The redemption song is a self sung one
Mental slavery and emancipation
For none but ourself can free our own mind
With no fraternity with failures of the past
No fear of the luminousity of the future
Chasing down each dream with resolve steely
With swords of desire, driving through each
A need for fresh air, to be, to breathe
To be happy, find fulfillment, and to live
And cease to be
'A haunted man'.


-0159 300811

Friday, August 12, 2011


I sit here by the sunset
With memories by the score
Of the love I gave but never got
But I gave my all
Much more than I've got
Still I end up folorn

O daughters of Eve
Offsprings of the garden love
You who worm into our core
Partake of our store
Fly off by the light of dawn
And leave our heart with a bore

Perhaps there's nought like love
Perhaps tis a tool, vamps for
-I hesitate to say whore
Oh! Spare me the gore
And with a gun just rob
Than spin me mushy folklore
That hurts the more
When you leave us null
Dour, sour
And of heart poor.

(something from the archives)

Friday, August 5, 2011

My Privilege

Its a privilege

Music fills the infinite between two souls, they say
The songs we share remind me of you
The burden of each day is lightened when I hear you laugh
Then the morning becomes more than just another day...
But another chance to look at life with a smile
And believe that indeed and of a truth
Life is a gift
We earn the privilege by enjoying it.
I am privileged to have had you in mine.

(I miss you old friend,
Fleeting as it was, our time
You I can not forget-
-Even when I do not remember...)

Friday, July 29, 2011

For a day…

I don’t think I can pass for “cuddly”, I’m better as “Cuddler”.

6 foot 2, muscular build (these days, most of the time), lets face it…it’ll be quite a search finding a female big enough to cuddle me.
Part of the reality of MY world…I have to be the ‘designated cuddler’. I don’t mind most times…but today, I WANT TO BE CUDDLED.

And in my psyche, I’m more of a giver than receiver (- my ‘selfishness’ was acquired )

Am I lonely? Maybe, dunno…
Horny? Doubt it, but dunno…

I want to be held and rocked. Almost like I want to be a child again.

No, I don’t want to be irresponsible and stupid, just want to be… a child.

Have someone, a female, fawn over me. No, not my mother *rolling my eyes*, it is important that I’m also attracted physically to this ‘someone’. Else it all wont work. My mind wont be able to let go and let “MAN Cee” slip away.

I want to feel someone coo in my ears, feel Another’s warmth on my arms, nest in the cradle of someone’s care, rest my head on some ample bosom, sense a female hustle and bustle about my flat while I lay back and placid with a hot cocoa, curled up listening to soothing music. Someone to take care of ME, today. This weekend?

If only there was a “Dial-A-Cuddler”. *sigh*

I’m so used to being there for people, taking care of everyone, solving their problems , listening, being big brother, son, mentor, advisor, consultant, engineer, goto person etc. SH*T! ManCee is tired! I feel like I’ve given so much and I need a refill. I want to have no cares for a while…mine nor others’.

Maybe I’m just weary. Maybe I just need a break from myself. Maybe I’m losing it. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Maybe I just want to be a …’child for a day.’


Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My friend said to be wary of women, I absent mindedly asked 'why?'

"WHY?!" he thundered...

"Because the woman is the only creature on the earth today that was not made DIRECTLY from the ground (earth). There is virtually no information as to how she was created. All we are told is that God took a rib, went away, and came back with a woman. How he did it, we do not know.

In Gen chapter 6, Angels came down from heaven because of the woman. In the new testament, Paul advises Christians to FLEE forni……

We can stand against demons, Stand against the powers of darkness and Resist the devil; But when it comes to the woman you are advised to run… not walk, not cast or bind but run"

Okay, I'm still laughing...

Then I remembered a colleague who said "The best way to defeat a temptation is to 'fall for it'. Then it ceases to be a temptation, rather, something in the past."

Both make sense in their twisted ways, and the question boils down to...


Ladies, should we fear una?
Hello Blogsville,
I've missed y'all pieces.
Forgive my silence, forgive even more my absence...for you(pl) are always with me.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The I'm too hot syndrome

So there's this fella from way back who all his life had been a church boy, became a church 'bro', was many times an executive on his Campus fellowship board etc etc

Guy finished with school and NYSC and landed a real swell job with schlumberger ( for those who don't know, that's a really sweet job right there). Went abroad on a 6month training, had a car and apartment all set up in like light speed quick. In short, guy was no longer am 'average' dude.

However, my guy never had a girlfriend before. Not even a 'sister' from college days. He was effing timid when it came to lady things. Sure he fancied a few ladies in school..but that was it. None of them ever got to know of it. So my guy has been eyeing a particular chic in church ( equally a church girl) and finally -with our encouragement- steps up to her to ask her to be his girlfriend. The girl agreed within a short while. Drop dead gorgeous good churchy damsel, most definitely a virgin and all thÉ works.

Then bobo -all by himself- has an epiphany. If this girl who is the envy of all bros could jell for him so quickly, no no no; if HE could get the girl with so little effort, then that means he's just an ugly duckling who has always been a swan all aloÑg! To test his theory, he broke up with Pweety and went after another...same result!

...And thus was a monster born.

Fast foward a year later, dude is a confirmed ladies man. Babes calling in left right and centre. He confessed to have done a threesome at least thrice! Nice right!? When we met again, he tried to impress me with his 'awesome' statistics.

I laughed at his juvenile rantings and educated him on "Mancee's Law of Universal Averageness". WÍthout the high soundiÑg words, it just says we are all the same. Some haters have said it derives from Biblical Solomon's "Nothing new under the sun". By implication, you actually don't have a truly unique and exclusive thought; someone else is thinking your exact same thoughts somewhere else. No don't confuse this with alternate dimension aint the same.

Anyways, in this case; ever woken up someday and told yourself that IF someone were to grab you and beg you for sex that day, you'd happily oblige? Well, at least one other person is thinking same. So while you wait for 'someone' to make the move, 'someone' is ...wait for it... Waiting/hoping/ wishing that YOU would make the move. Lastline? No one gets laid- unless someone actually does the required action- ASK.

So, as a 'player' and or 'slut' (gender irrelevant), when you think you've 'scored', you have only met with your other 'Thought-Sharer/peer'. NÓ big deal. You still aint all that.If you 'score' are just meeting people who share your thought and have been waiting for the offer.

We all aint all that. We are all the same...

-Mancee :D
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, my older cousin called me up last night. 'Go to my fb page, look for a certain chic called (say) 'Helen'. Check out her page and call me back'.

I sighed, the matchmakers wont let up would they? I did as instructed, chic had a sorta poem that started out well and sorta grew so effusive while trying to be vague that i wouldn't have given it a good grade. I read the almost equally effusive comments and wondered if people still understood poetry at all. I wanted to leave a short 'critique' but I had to be 'friends'. *sigh*

She has like 4 blog pages (2 on wordpress, 2 on blogger) last updated in 2009-all on the same day. The one that had the most had just 2 entries.

Called bros back. He rants off her biodata, I'm trying to put together a profile of her in my head. I tell bros about the other chic i just met, not too much details just a heads-up thing. He says to at least be friends with the nu girl and just check her out. I'm chuckling, but the need to comment on the girls's lengthy 'poem' becomes I log back on, ask to be fB friends and left a personal msg that I read her 'poem' and have some comment to add.

What do I have to lose?If she adds me, I get to have fun poking fun at her, and she may just learn a thing or two. If not *yawn*, back to my ps3 baby....
Perhaps I'm really outta my mind.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I met someone.

Friend of a friend's wife

At a friend's wedding where I was the compere

Been seeing her for a couple of weeks

It would appear she thinks I'm all that

I maintain my aloofness like she's just there

She knows my story and doesnt mind

I like her and she seems 'my kind'

I'm wondering if I'm outta my mind.


Thursday, January 13, 2011


1) Be Happy

2) Skydive

3) Bungee jump

4) Make out in the cinemas

5) Float a company

6) Secure a wife who loves my wowoh self totally

7) Have kids I can do 'chop knuckle' with

8) Ski on the swiss alps

9) Go on a 14 days boat cruise

10) Go scuba diving

...Put a safari trip somewhere in there :)

Pretty crowded top ten right? And the plan is to DO THEM ALL. Especially while I'm young and can still enjo the trips.

I better start now shay. I know and I'm sooo on it. The dream chasing starts with 2011, My year of ...


Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011, My year of...

New year's eve...I watched in a semi daze as folks bustled by, smiles on their faces and you could hear the laughter in their voces. I paused to wonder what the excitement was all about...its just another day, then the night and yet another day. Sure, we call it a new year but its just a repetition of the same orbital journey round the sun. Remembering that the earth has been doing the same thing for thousands of years (or millions depending on who you are listening to)...I just cant help but wonder at our inate ability to take common place events and magnify them into festivities and label them as culture.

Well, I guess it all serves as anchors for our collective and individual sanities...something to look forward to. Hmmm!

The folks trooping to places of worship sure wont necessarily be better people, the ones in front of the big screen at home aint any better.

I opted for the 42"inch screen, watching the preacher man by broadband and trying to will my heart into the mood. My visiting friends would hear nothing of it..."We must go to church". *sigh*

What difference does it make anyways? we are still going to be watching a screen ( with worse resolution and comfort) due to overcrowding at the church from folks like us who endeavor to attend at least 3x a year...Easter, Christmas and New yrs eve.

The preacher declares the year a year of.....(insert any fancy sounding phrase of your choice that means more money, really). There were the annoying fireworks ...a few mugging incidents too. Next morning, all the car stickers from different churches all mean the same to me; 'unlimited success', 'outstanding breakthrough', 'unequalled favour'. 'supernatural prosperity'. These things are almost as humorous as some church names. Guess its the same folks behind it all.

I wont be a cynic this year. Well, not entirely. lol
A friend made me write my "top ten" bucket list- I intend to chase them.

2010 can be penned as my questionning and healing year

Mancee...welcome to 2011, My year of possibilities, dream chasing and actualising.

Oh!...and a fulfilling new year to you all. *Hugs*