Friday, July 29, 2011

For a day…

I don’t think I can pass for “cuddly”, I’m better as “Cuddler”.

6 foot 2, muscular build (these days, most of the time), lets face it…it’ll be quite a search finding a female big enough to cuddle me.
Part of the reality of MY world…I have to be the ‘designated cuddler’. I don’t mind most times…but today, I WANT TO BE CUDDLED.

And in my psyche, I’m more of a giver than receiver (- my ‘selfishness’ was acquired )

Am I lonely? Maybe, dunno…
Horny? Doubt it, but dunno…

I want to be held and rocked. Almost like I want to be a child again.

No, I don’t want to be irresponsible and stupid, just want to be… a child.

Have someone, a female, fawn over me. No, not my mother *rolling my eyes*, it is important that I’m also attracted physically to this ‘someone’. Else it all wont work. My mind wont be able to let go and let “MAN Cee” slip away.

I want to feel someone coo in my ears, feel Another’s warmth on my arms, nest in the cradle of someone’s care, rest my head on some ample bosom, sense a female hustle and bustle about my flat while I lay back and placid with a hot cocoa, curled up listening to soothing music. Someone to take care of ME, today. This weekend?

If only there was a “Dial-A-Cuddler”. *sigh*

I’m so used to being there for people, taking care of everyone, solving their problems , listening, being big brother, son, mentor, advisor, consultant, engineer, goto person etc. SH*T! ManCee is tired! I feel like I’ve given so much and I need a refill. I want to have no cares for a while…mine nor others’.

Maybe I’m just weary. Maybe I just need a break from myself. Maybe I’m losing it. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Maybe I just want to be a …’child for a day.’



  1. its almost like you read my mind!

    "I feel like I’ve given so much and I need a refill. I want to have no cares for a while…mine nor others". :(

    love your blog by the way

  2. Eeeeyyyaaaa sorry, I canu understand that most men go through this. However, there will be a special someone that will fawn over you and treat you like a baby, its just a matter of time. Please, don't marry someone who can't pet you o

  3. >>Kiah,
    Thanks for coimg this way. Much appreÇiated. :)

    "Sigh", sounds like a beter title...

    I'm almost sure someone fawning over me all the time 'll piss me off. :)
    But just this once, Me wanna...

    Thanks y'all


  4. I feel this post...not the 'spent' bit but i'm all over the cuddle bit *sigh*
    You know, you might be on to something with that "Dial-a-cuddler"...lets go into business togerra. Lol. J/K

  5. i guess u'v gotten over all that now... what with half the ladies in blogsville coo-cooing all over your blog ;)

  6. OhJ it seems I was on this just last night or was it the night before? Methinks it be every night now.
    Mancee, you have taken the words right out of my hands and mind. Now time to copy and paste...

  7. There must be a few candidates for the job, surely?

  8. >>R.One
    Whatchamean "just kidding"!!
    This is a matter of National Security!!!
    Send in your resume ASAP.

    Has Blogsville shrunk that much :p
    Yeah, I've moved on...2 new games on PS3 consoled me. (Shoot and Gran Turismo 5)

    Fellow single naija dude...please do.

    Apparently not.
    Any ideas?
    Or...can I interest you in a proposition?


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