Thursday, February 10, 2011


I met someone.

Friend of a friend's wife

At a friend's wedding where I was the compere

Been seeing her for a couple of weeks

It would appear she thinks I'm all that

I maintain my aloofness like she's just there

She knows my story and doesnt mind

I like her and she seems 'my kind'

I'm wondering if I'm outta my mind.



  1. Perphaps you are out of your mind. Only time will

    A couple of months from now something interesting is going to happen. Am not a psychic #justsaying

  2. lol at BSNC...don't spoil it and stay in the right frame of mine (in biology optimum/ optimal? conditions needed for love to blossom). 'She knows your story and didn't mind''ve given her the opportunity that others didnt have. Don't screw it up.

  3. I go with BSNC and Miss N, I think something good is blooming...

  4. What is your story?

    Please give us the gist as soon as possible...

  5. "I maintain my aloofness like she's just there."

    Mancee, but why na?? If na woman una go sey she dey do shakara oh. Anyways, don't stay aloof for too isnt encouraging.

    Happy New Year! and keep us posted :)

  6. Am no good for you coz am married but still am jealous and she's lucky goodluck

  7. awww mancee. i'm happy for you! quit the aloofness tho. totally unnecessary. i'd wait more than a couple of weeks. baby steps. looking forward to updates. and KEEP BLOGGING!

  8. don't be aloof, just let it go as it will... all the best :)

  9. Do you know how freaking annoying it is to like someone and they pretend like they don't even know that? And act like you guys are just friends?


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