Friday, August 12, 2011


I sit here by the sunset
With memories by the score
Of the love I gave but never got
But I gave my all
Much more than I've got
Still I end up folorn

O daughters of Eve
Offsprings of the garden love
You who worm into our core
Partake of our store
Fly off by the light of dawn
And leave our heart with a bore

Perhaps there's nought like love
Perhaps tis a tool, vamps for
-I hesitate to say whore
Oh! Spare me the gore
And with a gun just rob
Than spin me mushy folklore
That hurts the more
When you leave us null
Dour, sour
And of heart poor.

(something from the archives)


  1. Is that what you really think from your sum experiences with woman? I find it hard to believe that they were all like that? You said it's from your archives but I wonder what made you dust off this particular poem and post it?

  2. lol

    Thanks Myne

    Caramel Dear,
    I posted it for the love of poetry (mainly).
    Sure I still feel like that...sometime...but largely and by and large...I'm almost a new man.


  3. Ummmm. I'm still struggling to get this.

    Not a hughe poetry buff.

  4. I await a response from you...still.

  5. @mimi,
    whats there not to get?

    ...Check ya inbox


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