Friday, January 29, 2010


'Oh! Mancee you are not going anywhere are you?' Asked my Superintendent.
Was he kidding me? An opportunity to see my ogas make a grand fool of themselves? I sure am not missing this for anything. Lol. I was positively brimming with excitement- so were the other spectators.

Novelty match between superintendents. Woohoo! Normally I wouldn't attend such events but a friend was made the referee though she didn't even know the rules-so I had to accompany her to run her through her expected duties and the need to work through her linesmen, blah blah blah. My superintendent saw me and I got to hold his glasses and keys.

The GM took the first shot, with two female superintendents keeping the goal posts.
'Pppreeew!', my pseudo-referee friend blew her whistle and 'chuku, chuku, chuku…' they were off...! See their legs fluttering on the pitch, I wan die.

Before you could say 'na wah o', one of my supts was rolling along ground with the ball- an uproar went up in the crowd. See laughter...of course I hid my face to laugh. There was an 'ali-baba' moment when two supts on the same side collided with their pot- bellies. Laff wan kill me die, it was all I could do not to roll on the floor as I temporarily lost control of my motor skills from laff-paralysis. 10 mins later, 10 sweaty supts later half time ended.

Second half was just as hilarious. My tummy muscles ached from the laughter so much I had to squat. A certain Superintendent dribbled some others and scored, there was an uproar. When the GM learnt that the guy plays ball normally, he disqualified the goal and gave him a red card. Lol. Of course he’s not the referee.

All in all, it ended a “goaless draw”-like one of our community labor guys later commented. I had fun and so did a lotta people.

I can only conclude one thing- the 'inventor' of novelty matches was a dis-gruntled employee for whom visualizing his employers naked no longer met his vengeance needs. But ma'am! We have him/her to thank for one of the best laughs in our corporate year.

Ps: A fulfilling new year to you all.



  1. mancee
    you yapping da eagles?

  2. hahaha, too funny.

    Happy new year to you!

  3. Hahaha just to funny. happy new yearr to u.

  4. Happy new year to you too dear. LOL...on your novelty

  5. you finally wrote abi?I bin think say you don miss!A happy new to you to.. assuming as we wan enter febuary abi?really funny match though..
    PS, don't be gone for long okay?

  6. >>Tisha
    Me? Yap the Super Chickens? The thot will ot even occur to me.

    >>Myne Whitman,
    >>Repressed One

    Thanks people. Glad I could share some of the moments with y'all. A fulfilling new year to una


    ...AND kicking baby

    Yes aunty, I'll try not to be gone for long.

    Mon people, Howz every every?
    I catch myself these days with a smile-a real smile- on my face. I wish this much for you too. Sincerely I do.

  7. Looooool! The goal was disqualified and the goal-scorer sent off... and the "official" wasn't even an official! Glad u had fun shaa. Welcome back.

  8. u for post pictures now guy. u no say some of us need visual aid 4 these kain tings.

  9. 2011 is almost around the corner and here you are still wishing us a new year. Biko that is old gist now

  10. Mushy moment alert...



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