Monday, February 8, 2010


I long to cease to cringe when I hear the word 'LOVE'
I long to once more believe in it's purity

I long to be able to look at a female again and say 'I love you'
I long for the day when that female will not just be my daughter
I long to snuggle with a female
I long to drift off to sleep, with a smile on my face, holding a female
I long to feel that female's warmth as she nests in the cranny formed
by my body
I long to wake up to a smile
I long for that smile to be on a female's head nestled on my chest
I long to stroke that face as it sleeps; gently rising and falling
with my breathing
I long to see that face wake, smile some more, reach up and kiss me on
the lips saying 'Good morning darling'.
I long to look in those eyes and see 'love'. Whatever it means.

I long to start to warm up inside when I hear the word 'LOVE'-once more
I long to once more believe in it's purity.

-Mancee (07feb2010)


  1. So what's stopping you Mancee?

  2. Aww, this is so beautiful. As far as you know what it is, you will find it Mancee. And Valentine is around the corner.

  3. Soon enough, my good man, soon enough...

  4. i hope you feel better soon cs this sounds sad.

  5. Nice A:SIGH! Story of my life. Soon enough Dear.. Soon enough

  6. mcheeew. I was supposed to be the first one here but my network's been messing up.. i'm so upset now..Get what you mean y'know? but somehow some where, sometime, it'll come to pass when you're not looking.for now, savour the moment of being and doing just you,cause when this time passes,you can never really have it back.. take care.

  7. Don't we all. All in due time they say...

  8. some people are already feeling the val's blues. eyaah pele i feel you jere. i long to finally be loved too. but expecting that by sunday would be pushing it :)

  9. lovely poem :-) will come in time!

  10. So tragic...If a heart can write poetry such as will find love.

  11. >>caramelD
    dunno...age old programming...?

    lol, had more than my own share of smiles on val's day :)

    >>Repressed 1

    lol, partly so dearie, partly so

    >>Nice A
    If you insist...

    >>MIss natural
    she's alive!!!
    Thanx gurl, how you dey?

    No mind all of them, sha you hear? We wont play with them again...

    Thanx Bruv,

    Lol, so they say...

    I do struggle between what I long for and what I actually want to happen
    ...AND they aint always the same.

    I guess that'll be "hyper-optimism"


    >>Blowing Blessings

    >>Poetry ITGB
    Thats just mushy talk. The real world is 'real-er' than that.
    ps: have we met...? My name is 'Mancee'

  12. you long abi? but it sounds like talk talk jo! more like just the result of a few mushy anyway it will come to you.... it will... that's the problem with life.... it will come to you

  13. Im guessing you were in love once.

    Shouldnt that one time be enough for you to believe in its purity?

    Or maybe you loved the wrong way/person??

  14. longings...

    I have been through a lot
    I know that no matter what
    Love is real

    Love is true!
    What am i saying? Choose to believe that God can give you all that you desire in His will.

    His thoughts are always good


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