Monday, December 28, 2009


In an ideal world,
I'd meet her somewhere, somehow, some place
Someone might introduce us
I might notice first and make the move or vice versa
in this here world it would not matter

I'd ask her out
maybe she'll form a bit, maybe not,
maybe we'd hit it off right away
maybe it'll take some time
but we'd finally be together

We would date for a while
and I'll pop out a ring at a dinner date
and on my knees, I'd ask her to marry me
While the joint's band played 'Will you marry me'on cue

She would gleefully scream "YES"
and kiss me like life depended on it

We would marry in a quiet serene place
dressed in white before a hundred gaze
We'd honeymoon somewhere within our means
and the place would be exotic cos we are in

Honey moon
-hunt for the treasure
we'd fumble our way to knowledge and pleasure

We would have two delightful kids
A pretty princess first
and a dark dude to have her back

we would have our lil fights
but they'll never grow
We wouldn't talk about rights
And only selflessness would we sow
Always putting "US" first with our mights

She would say something crazy like
'My husband is always right'
And I'll do something utterly mad like
Doing my utmost to measure to this height
Though the human pecadillo in me strikes
or vice versa

She would say something stupid like
'I will love you forever'
And I'll say something idiotic like
'God knows I dont deserve you ever'

We would kiss and make up
make up sex will not be strange to us

I would work my behind off
to get comfort for her and The Littles
She'd take care of us all
never a button loose, never a tummy unfilled
A tidy nest to grow for us all

In an ideal world
we'd do our 75 years anniversary
amidst great, grand and children children
We would watch them all grow with smiles
re-telling how our life has been together

In an ideal world
it wouldnt matter who went before the other
The one would follow the other anyways-
grateful to God to have found
A near-perfect spouse in each other

All in an ideal world.
All in an ideal world



If you can, look beyond the commerce reason for the season. I wish most sincerely that your hearts be merry. Mine is...


  1. Wish I could live in a world like that...oh and btw FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Yeah... all in an ideal world..
    It will happen someaw..
    First time in I suppose... Nice thot...

  4. compliments of the season :)

  5. if only we lived in an ideal world....

    Feliz navidad a ti tambien.

    Of the CerBeruS

  6. This is so sweet! I didn't know you were a romantic haha. It's cute! :)

  7. Thanks for a peek into that world.. but, emmmm.. no be like so na... this word too wo wo...!Bring us back to reality before i hit my head on a brick wall

  8. Well, it can be ideal or maybe my honeymoon specs are blinding me. At least you didn't say there wont be any fights.

  9. ManCee my dear. You know you can still have this "ideal" world amidst it all.

  10. >>P'sy-A-wana
    Me too...
    BTW, the bell of blessings peals for you, oh First-Timer

    >>Miss Natural
    Nne, nice to hear from you again...thot you'd fallen off the other edge of the earth. Howdy?

    >>Sassy Trend
    Thanks for stopping by, much 'ppreciated.
    Yeah,it sure can...and I dare say 'not necessarily in some nebulous land'. In real life.

    Heeey! Brown Skinned Naija Babe, thanx-a-bunsh.
    Same to you girl.
    Smiles your way...

    I'm trying to give my inner Optimist a new life, so I'm on a campaign; "we can make this here world 'The Ideal' "
    Compliments to you

    Me!? Romantic?!
    I'm sorry, but you must have me confused for Mancee. lol.
    Even those of the stony heart, square-jawed fame have their moments.

  11. >>2cute4u
    Nne, Whatever happened to your inner Optimist?
    Didnt I tell you? I'm on a campaign-IT IS POSSIBLE.
    The idea is to keep saying it till I believe it

    If only what? ehn?
    And dont give me that talk about this world not being good enough *chuckle*
    havent you heard? IT IS POSSBLE.

    >>My World
    Meeen! Is it your computer/connection or na so the thing do you? Wey you write the comment like a gazzilion times? *chuckle*
    Lemme hear you say IT IS POSSIBLE

    >>Myne Whitman
    Fights are not the issue, tis how they are fought innit?
    You know that saying 'all is fair in love and war?', I think is totally idiotic. Unless someone is validating my suspicion that war and love are pieces of the same family of crap.
    Anyhooos, we are trying to be optimistic here...shay?


    >>Nice Anon
    Nice Babay, so they keep telling me.
    You wouldnt believe the number of people I've started avoiding for trying to drum that into my head, lol.
    Anyways...optimism thrusters up...YES WE CAN!!!

    Mancee and The Multitude are trying to be optimistic for the new year. See we are even doing the Obama routine.

    "YES WE CAN"

    lol, of course I believe it till I wake up and my brain takes over again...

  12. I got a little misty eyed reading that. The longing felt so real.

  13. why r u the 1 who is always right? y cant it be her? n y say na she go dey fix loose button? ur own hand dey pain u?? lol hope u had an awesome xmas?

  14. Sigh, you almost made me believe in fairytales again but I don live in this world for some time and its such a shame that what you typed exists but is rare. But hope still dey sha, may 2010 turn your ideal world to reality. happy new year.

  15. Happy New Year Mancee and yeah it's all about optimism and fighting your wars with love. 2010 will be the year of the ideal!

  16. This is such a beautiful read. Wouldn't it be nice if we all got to live in our ideal world?

  17. It's really beautiful... "she'd say something stupid like... and i'd say something idiotic like..." Mmmmh, love just makes one do crazy stuff, mehn.

  18. Ok so in my opinion, this is your best post yet! na u biko.

  19. i love your ideal world and its an awesome poem.. left me feeling totally nostalgic!

  20. @CaramelD
    Nne, I'm speechless.

    Hmmm.How veerry optimistic of you.
    C'mon chin up!...or else...

    She does those things coz its part of her primary wifely duties...forgive me, but I guess I'm just old fashioned to also assume that the guy does his too (like working the black off his hinny to give her comfort) cos its primarily his duty.
    My christmas? It was AWESOME.
    Tanx. urs?

    Thats it...chin up.
    Yes we can.

    @Myne Whitman
    Lol...thanks for the good wishes ma'am. right back at you.
    ps: shouldnt wars be fought with 'hate', wouldnt that guarantee that the other country wont win you?

  21. @Suru,
    (curious name)
    Yeah it will def be wonderful...

    Yeah, doesnt it...which is why I think rational people ought to stay away from it, most of the time.

    @Omo Oba
    Thank you, thank are faar tooo kiiind (you get the gist, lol)

    Thanks Dearie.
    Nostalgic you say...!
    DONT tell me you once had this adn you let it go...*aghast*, else I'm sooo coming to look for you and bonk you on the head.

    Dear dear people.
    I'll change a whole lot in my life -if I can-but I'd NEVER change knowing you guyz.
    Thanks a whole lot for your support in the old year-mancee and the multitude appreciate y'all. Lets do it again this year

    Stay smiling-Mancee

  22. Me like, me like.
    Really nice thoughts but then who says it can't be translated to real life. :)

    First time here by the way.

    Will be back... that's a a threat :)


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