Saturday, December 5, 2009


I met her at a business dinner. She had accompanied one of the other guys to the chinese restaurant meeting. I thought 'Hmmm...impressive'; bringing your girlfriend to a business dinner.
Typically, I'm being civil to her and soon noticed that I seem to be giving her more attention than her man.
'Typical...', I thought with some measure of arrogance, 'some fellas just have bad manners'.

I got to gist wih her some more when the boys went off to watch an english team pound another; she was an interesting conversationalist. Rather engaging I must say.
Sometime that night, I ask how long they'd been together since I only just met George; she laughed rather curiously and asked ' mean...?', and another short laugh.

"You honestly didn't know? Then why have you been given me so much attention all night? I thought..."

I looked bewildered.
She paused for a while and looked at me incredulously.

She reached for a pen and some serviette, scribbled for some time-almost with a child-like air and handed me the paper with some slight measure of embarrassment-not before asking to promise not to say anything to George about our gist...(!?)
I couldn't believe my eyes...

Fadeke is a whore.
Or her favorite..."Hustler"!

Go figure; what are the odds?


  1. Good question..what are the odds?

  2. I hear they full ground especially as a lot of uni girls are in the business. Hope she's taking care of herself.

  3. lol!!!
    wow, but it's funny where/how you meet
    very interesting pple

    how you dey, bro?

  4. hmmmm.... ask her if she can give me a leg up in the industry

  5. wow. last thing i expected to hear. at least she was upfront about it sha

  6. >>My World

    You mean evenif you put lipstick on a still pig?

    >>Myne Whitman
    Apparently more people are into the rns than one would ordinarily expect. Hmmm...

    I'm good bro, et tu?
    Yeah I feel you, she was a real surprise to me.
    Kinda subconsciously expected 'hustlers' to be near dumb people. Beats me why I'd think that in the first place.

    >>Nice Anon
    Lol, kinda.
    How you dey?

    Planning on changing professions? eh?
    ...wonder if she's got the needed assets...

    Very lastest thing I thot I'd hear.

    Thanks for stopping by people.

  7. @ mancee well i am capable of engaging in "stimulating" conversation :)

  8. wait ion get...
    d girl u met is an ashewo?

    Mancee ur words confuse me I swear...

  9. >>inco
    REEEALLY? ...Wana prove that offline

    lol girl, you are something else.
    I didnt mean I met a girl as in 'scoping' a girl o. I meant something more like 'was introduced to her', you know. Moreover, I thot she was someone's babe till she revealed that she was just on contract.
    *phew* gerrit now?

    Funny part of it was...she thought I knew she was an escort/hustler/ashawo and that I was just booking my'spot' by being friendly (!!!)

  10. well ManCee u can book your spot with me. i'm having a christmas special right now....

  11. Ahhhhhh I see..gerrit now..
    excuse my slowness but the way you spin your words ..seduce...err..confuses me :D

  12. >>inco
    Inco, inco, inco...hmmm
    Christmas special eh? Business must really be slow. *snicker*
    inco. inco, inco! How many times have I called you? I've got your 'spot' in my really dont want me pulling the trigger-could bring ur ass down.literarily

    Me? Spin words?!
    Now THAT seduces, sorry-confuses me

  13. Well I guess she is a "Pay as you go" girlfriend.


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