Friday, November 28, 2008

Bitter Sweet with Obasanjo

So today o, after my business meeting, I sauntered into my favorite gadget shop only to find sitting in hard and soft covers copies of Oluremi Obasanjo's book "Bitter-Sweet; My life with Obasanjo"
mmm, you say?
FIrst question in my mind was...'who cares'
We've heard enough about the bros to last 2 generations and taint the third...
Next question was...'Whats her objective?'
Vengeance, attention craving, sympathy, book royalty or just plain lack of something better to do?
The book is definitely not for me, maybe a nollywood fan may find it interesting...OBJ seeminglya rather formidable cache of drama.
As for @NGN2,000...I'd rather buy another memory card.

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