Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lagbajasky and body clock

So I carry myself and some family peeps go lagbaja yesterday.
(Not minding the fact that I had an investment meet for 8am and a performance review for another ongoing investment for 12 noon saturday)
You no fit to blame e "Lagbajasky" we dey yarn here.
And man! its been like last since the bros performed, actually na february.
Got home like 6ish, crashed immediately and woke up an hour later promptly.
E be like say make I dey cry...this body clock thing wey no dey let man pickin sleep pass seven o clock.
If I sleep early...5 am is 'eyes-wide-awake time', sleep late? na 7. Of which if the early sef too early, after 5 hours of sleep i enter the EWA mode.
I vex somebody? If na you abeg, forgive me ehn?

Needless to say, I'm going to be completely useless this rest of the morn...typing sef is becoming blurry...but was it worth it?
For Lagbajay?
Heck it was.
(moreover, after all the deals of this past 2 weeks, man pickin deserves to let im hair down)


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