Friday, January 16, 2009


So I wake up, do do and I'M heading for the airport. Only thing on my mind is "Dont miss your flight"
Around Maryland, my taxi man says something about some people fighting in another taxi- I thot that was rather curious and looked.
Ok and behold, the was a tightly packed taxi ahead of us with a rather young and pretty looking fair complexion woman sticking her head out screaming " HELP, HELP NIGERIA HELP ME O...!"
On-lookers just kept looking on; a 'MOPO' passed by smiling stupidly at the woman; no one was saying anything, nothing- while the woman kept shouting herself hoarse. IN BROAD DAY LIGHT!
Omo, perplexion gripped me, 'What is this?!', what sort of crap is our country turning into? Is this not madness? How can such a thing as this be unfolding right before our eyes and we'd do nada about it!
What if it's true and she's been kidnapped? What if there's some other story to it? What if...
I asked my taxi man to drive up close to them. Another woman in the taxi on seeing us approach started telling us "I'm her sister, she's not well...". Of course, the main woman kept refuting the claim saying " Its a lie o, they want to use me for money. Help me o. I'm a Nigerian, igalla by tribe, I live in Bariga # street . Help me o Nigeria .
Aggresion took me; what if tie my own sister, wife, mother, daughter or just friend who was in such an ordeal...
My taxi man say make we block them? I said yes and thot 'heck! There goes my flight'
We corner them by Sheraton hotel- Bond style (thank you thank you); in a flash I was out and demanded them all to come out. I think my Arnold chest startled them ( lol), I quickly took a count, 3 men, 3 women, 4 kids. I can take out the first man with a right hook - or two-rush the next into the body of the cab and hope my taxi man has a spanner or something to clobber with. Within my split second evaluation, I also kept an eye on my taxi man; make the man no take off with my load ( ol boy, na gidi we dey o- anything can happen- all of this could be an elaborate scam. Abi?!
Anyways, I was determined to do something in my own lil way to challenge this national crase wey dey make us shy from a good cause..
Meanwhile, gotta run. Will finish the yarn later.
One love.


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