Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspiration from the belly...

Ol boy,
See as hunger dey fire me thunder!
It's already past 8pm and I have this rule about not eating after 8pm.

Chei, see why e go nice to have a wife so? You say?

Mmmm, a wife. But will that solve anything or just complicate issues? What if she's the career type who won't get home early-deadlines to meet at the work place- won't it be wickedness to ask her to start making food when she gets home after wading thru the Lagos traffic sea.
She'll probably be cranky and you know what is said about hungry men...

yep! Ingredients for a fight are already provided; all that's needed is the first spark: maybe just a word spoken out of place and KABOOM!
(this marriage thing sef, LOL )

OK, how about a house help?
Halleluya o
...an extra shag mate in the convenience of your own kitchen? When cranky career-madam suddenly develops a 'headache' and wants to retire early?

But I digress.

This was supposed to be about food and hunger-an omni multitude problem. The main problem of the masses since the time of Joseph as Prime Minister of Egypt.

Has the problem been solved? Heck no!

A female I know once came up with an idea of feeding a thousand needy people every Saturday-I asked her to make an estimate of how it'll cost her and that was it. Curiously, It was never spoken of again.
I know of several peeps who do one thing or the other for charity ( including yours truly)-God bless them. Mine costs me twenty thousand each month and I'm thinking 'wharaheck', I fit blow that sum on a date at a fancy restaurant- one night, one sitting, yet that small dough does a lot for a lotta kids.

It doesn't just give them fish but attempts to teach them how to fish. That way they don't become dependent on you or anyone.

See my distant Uncle, Obama (I no tell you?) has been into charity work siiince forever. now the bros na President of the world.

Start small. Even if na to volunteer to give career talk for ya high school. All join.

My charge?
Wetin you do for your society?
Do something for your society.
Give back to the community.
Enjoy life but, LIVE AND HELP LIVE.



  1. first!
    Im not surprised, seeing as you have somin against commenting on other posts.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Badder-baby,
    Tis funny, but U started me off on blogging. Always had plenty to write but always found a reason to put it off. Hence my first blog date. ;-)
    ...and few comments on other blogs.
    Comments and decisions like Henglish' always make it worth d effort. Shay?
    Ps: my proposal... Some chat and a meet.we'll see wither it goes from there eh?


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