Wednesday, February 4, 2009


'You really are a nice guy'

'You must have me confused..'

'Stop being modest, what you did was really nice'

'I dont think so, else I wouldn't have'

'You are such a curious fellow'

"You are kidding me'

'Am I bugging you ..?'

'Yes you are, didnt know how to say it earlier'

'Yeah right, and what will my Lord rather be doing?'

'Dont know what your Lord has to do now, but I've got some wanking to do'

You mean...! OMG, you cant be serious'

'You really are bent on being an irritant , aren't you?'

'But thats so self-demeaning..., how can shouldn't'

Under the sofa, a 'dirty' Mag surfaces

The bathroom door closes'

<'Damn neighbour's sister'>


Thumbed thru some pages,

Eyes closed,

lubrication is in order

and the 'To' et 'Fro'

Felt the appendage touch something warm

Eyes opened

Sees the reflection in the medicine box mirror"

<'Father!', what great knockers...>"

Felt the cleavage assailing his back

The hand easing his off the woody

With alarmingly pleasurable pulsations.


He opens the medicine box

Out comes one from the pack of three...

This is definitely NOT the time for words.


<'Who would have thought...!'>


  1. Well...?

  2. nice. cant believe i hadnt read this before. no love just straight up.........impressed!

    ps: typical guy to leave a girl hanging. just finish it damn u!!

  3. pure fiction this one...(just my mind wandering all over a piece of paper)


    But you do sound like you could use some 'extraneous' in your life...
    'fess up.


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