Friday, April 27, 2012


No be today wey we know say people too like money and folks who appear to have it. No be today we know say babes think they can smell money on a be today we know say they can.

Or can they?

Another Bach Eve, and of boys book another fancy club/hotel, block book their rooms and block the streets with their fancy cars. No be today.

The bus loads of chics roll up, all clad (or not) in various apparels and at different stages of undress to join in send off this soon to be wed to his own version of marriage-bliss or curse, we can only wish him well.

As usual, there are other fellas from other organizations there, who though they have less funds to philander with represent nonetheless with comparable swagger...and to the females with bulging and calculating eyes...there is no difference.

Of note was this particular dude, he was dancing with almost all the fine and 'gifted' chics.  Grinding, grinning and obviously having the time of his life. No sooner do you see him and some chic in a corner smooching and exchanging numbers, than you'd see him with another repeating the same ritual. Someone pointed him out and we couldnt quite place who he was affiliated to...but hey!

While nursing my diet coke by the bar, I found him by my side taking a break and remarked on how he was quite the ladies man. He laughed and said " Baba, if only I was half of what you guys are, dem for hear am". He had been telling the girls he was another 'Oyel Big Boi' and tales of his many brushes and narrow escapes with MEND et al and of course the ladies were lapping it up and licking his 'kini' (he swears by this) believing they were snaring a big fish.

According to him, "Afteral, why else do you think these chics willingly come to Bach Eves and parties of big boys? To catch a big fish. Simple"

On what he'll do when later they find out? Oh, thats easy...he'll throw it back at them for being shallow if the only reason they wanted him was because they thought he had more money than they thought he did. And of course, ' He go don already chop, numerous times by then!'

No be today wey we know say people too like money and folks who appear to have it. No be today we know say babes think they can smell money on a be today we know say they can.

Or can they?


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  1. Sad reality of shallow people...

  2. Na today?
    As shallow as he may have seemed, he was on point with his analogy just as you earlier pointed...
    If the money dey true true, even Stevie Wonder can see it

  3. Lol I pity some girls sha...shame

  4. hahaha

    Those gals are pretenders to the club. Those wey get well-horned instinct can smell & see through wannabes big boyz a mile away.

  5. >>iLola
    C'est la vie

    No be today o.
    lol@Stevie Wonder

    Shame ke? No be tit-for tat? or more amptly 'tit-for-cash'

    *cough, cough*
    And you would know , how? (or is there something you would like to share with us? :D)

    Thanks y'all


  6. NAIja babes stay falling my hand sha!
    But really guys want fine babes, girls want a guy with dough, so 2 plus 2 equals 22 niyen! Lol
    Seriously though, (in unrelated news) its kind of the reason why I take people who "like" me because of my blog/ twitter (ok, scratch twitter) more seriously cos they don't even know what I look like. It's a mental attraction
    That being said, babe lomo o! Lol

  7. lol @ Bumight.

    You know we believe you. "Babe l'omo"

    Funny you would mention that, I've been known to avoid meeting people's minds before meeting them(e.g. via writings, chats etc) totally effs up my (by default) lame attempts at being shallow.

    It also works in reverse though. I swear no matter how fine and sexy a babe is...if she cant spell, she might as well be a fellow dude. AND I have never been able to forget the dear people with whome I fell in love with their minds first...


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