Monday, February 24, 2014

Heartbreak in 770XX

...Just like in any other city
Much like any other being
Much like varying shades of pity
Love really is just a thing

Whether you let him into your kitty
Wholly bare yourself to the feeling
Or stay aloof like a kitten
Love is still a cryptic thing

Gidi or this funny town Houston
By any name, a rose is a-rose-ing
Life'll torment our deepest lusting
'S long as we learn, we're living


Response to Leggy's post below:


  1. I have been through all your pieces and I wondered why you dont post anymore. Pls post..:)

  2. @Mancee,
    Yeah..why dont you post anymore. You really should!
    Ooops, forgive me. There I go talking to my self audibly again.
    But really, why dont I ..?

    Maybe I should...


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