Tuesday, June 4, 2013


(written as a post for http://the3six5ng.wordpress.com)

AM, zero four fifty five
A new day has arrived
Internal time things connive
Nagging me worse than a wive
Eyes fiery from sleep deprive
Fibre by fibre, the body lights its fire

Like yesterday I awake
Thanks mumbled to the sky Sheikh
Steak, pancake, which shall I make
Each thought waking with a headache
Today, somehow seems like yesterday
i thought as I exhaled
hot water my back to bake
As thoughts turn to filenames and delivery dates

Today I’ll do something new
Board the bus for a different view
Cool. My ennui perhaps to undo
Headphones on to a new tune
weave my way in school lines like a corkscrew
The last yards my bus to pursue
Tiny seat next to a tattoo-ee to makedo
Today starts off all anew
But yesterday seems its preview

I thought wryly with a smirk
‘Surprise’! It’s the same office clerk
Perky smile and things blowing me a peck
The people are nice and its good teamwork
My sleeves are rolled to get that bonus perk
Remind them I’m damn good at this brainwork
Work before pecks, not here to shirk
I do my bit to get us that fat extra perk

Present cogitations and presentations
Deadlines met, signatures on parchments
The day is done and young. And like rodents
We all scurry off in complex movements
Each to his own and present vestments

I’d probably run into Miss Irene
Next door neighbour dense as concrete
Half nude bad titjob swaying like on heat
Quick pleasantries and bolt like an athlete

Back in my crib, seated in my favorite seat
Finish this poem and send it off quick
Order dinner and some sweet treat
I’d think Naija and hear her rush-hour streets
I miss the heat, the loud street beats
I miss being just like the next guy
Charcoal face not darker than usual
No daily attempt to prove my meat

Something tells me tomorrow may be same
Perhaps tomorrow I’ll finally be sane
Sane enough to go back to naija.
Or be grateful for what I have here
And with hope, plan for another day.



  1. Nice Anon: Mancee longest time indeed. I read that post and thought to pop 'round and say hi. I didn't know you still write here anyway. E don tey o!

  2. Hey!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading from you again :)
    Don't disappear for too long...
    Pot, kettle. I know.



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