Friday, April 19, 2013


Neighbor A]8:12 AM
Knock Knock!
Neighbor B] 8:12 AM
who be dat?
Neighbor A]8:19 AM
Na ya neighbor
I wan borrow salt
Neighbor B] 8:21 AM
Market don close? Ehn Papa Nduka?
Neighbor A]8:31 AM
But e too far
I don put rice for fire already
Neighbor B] 8:37 AM
Neighbor B] 8:39 AM
I go give you 3 seed of salt
Neighbor A]8:46 AM
You harsh o
Sisi Clara, ask yasef...
"Wetin Jesus go do?"
Neighbor B] 8:47 AM
3 seed na 3 cups na? you no go sukool?:P
Neighbor A]8:49 AM
Three cups?! Haba...
You dey try abuse me? Say I no fit go buy salt?
Na wah to you o
Neighbor B] 8:50 AM
as market too far, I wan help your ministry of cooking
Neighbor A]8:50 AM
Na wetin I ask you make you do
(all dis gehls of nowadays sef, mtscheew)
Neighbor B] 8:54 AM
see hep wey I wan hep you o
I tire these today man sef
Neighbor A]8:55 AM
Just gimme enoff salt for d concoction rice wey dey fire, biko
Neighbor B] 8:56 AM
you sure say no be Ila-asepo you dey cook
Neighbor A]9:02 AM
From saying I no fit buy salt
now you dey call me blind?
Neighbor B] 9:04 AM
blind ke!
Neighbor A]9:04 AM
So I no sabi rice from okra, ehn?
Neighbor B] 9:05 AM
we dey confam
Neighbor A]9:12 AM
Baba Lan'lord go hear dis one o
Neighbor B] 9:13 AM
tell am na
 Na oga at the top go judge de mata
Neighbor A]9:14 AM
You dey tok now abi?
When mata reach council go silent like the "dotcom"
Neighbor B] 9:17 AM
that's all


Talk make I hear...