Saturday, May 16, 2009


We flay them
We straff 'em
'useless, imperfect
unfair, un-needed'

Yet through all ages
They diligently illuminate
Our thoughts
Whats been taught
Whats retained
And those disdained
time and time again

We do well to embrace all Truth-Sayers



  1. Hundred percent in agreement, exams...wish I could wake up and my final year exams are over with my first in my hand lol. nice exposition on exams...good poetry.

  2. oh yeah, thanks for thinking about us...unless you have exams too, goodluck

  3. Thanks, Your post inspired it
    ...You do have much beauty in you.

    Meanwhile, try NOT to focus so on "exams, exams" so much as actually learning the subject. To do politics dear, I think law is a good springboard...see Obama.
    Wish you good fortunes.(And everyone else who has to write one soon)

  4. thanks so much...i thought it was good without realizing it was written because of me. thanks for the compliment too...that's what I tell my dad every time, he's trying to convince me that nigerian politics is too dirty...but we need a change and people have to be read even if its going to cost. Once again, thanks for the wishes

  5. uhm, I was agreeing with u that exams are so unneeded given that I have some to write in the near future. And then i read it again, and realized that this could also be the "un-papered" exams...the "un-awared" exams...those unwritten exams that u are never prepared for, those that catch u off guard...those that sift goat from sheep, and distinguish a potential spouse from another. hm, good food for thot.

  6. >>M Natural
    Our politics needs ppl with the right kinda passion. Some of us dont want public office but have decided to make funds available when the right ppl appear...till then we keep our peace and try spending the resources educating minds instead (I do that off blogsville, lol).
    If u hav d passion, take time to learn the drill.We'll wait for U
    Like the good book says "the world awaits the manifestations of the sons of God"...(or something similar)

    >>Omo Oba,
    The Nail may start liking you've just a rather large part of it on the head.
    Know what the biggest examination is ?

  7. Thank you for actually attempting my Man Maths formula, it was truly inspiring and utterly hilarious :)

  8. PS I hated my exams in school and my undergrad, the best thing about my MA was that it was all project based, no an examiner in sight.

  9. ok, this is a nice i always say, because we're good at it, doesn't mean we like it...anyway tell me, ...Truth Sayers, what's that?

  10. yeah examinations. i have had a rough month last month and this cuz of it, and now the stupid assu strike won't even let us finish once and for all. thanks for visiting

  11. >>Caramel
    I should thank you for giving my inner geek something to ponder. lol

    I believe Examinations- especially those that come our way outside of academia, in life, are the Truth Sayers

    They let us know how well we are doing.
    How much has been learnt-or not.
    Perhaps, if we dont go through them scratching and screaming, we just might learn something and not have to repeat the learning exercise.

    ASSU eh?
    Sometimes i wonder where to draw the line between hating those guys and loving them. Peele, I feel you especially.

    Tanx y'all


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