Thursday, July 9, 2009


(...from the archives; a fork in the road situation and a period of great pain)

If I lose my reason
Will it be for my soul?
If I lose my soul?
Will it be for a reason...

When events refuse the Master Plan
Frustration we've discovered, grows titanically
Prods you to deviate from the chosen path
And find in the melee; a whole new foothold

Waltzing to the dance of existence
Be often times like the tango
The many years of preparation
Suddenly dont matter on the dance floor
If associates neglect to step in tune
To Life's complicated melody
The strong man is labelled a weakling
For want of a decent mate, all fails
The sequence of steps, it fails

When the Chief Imam whitelists pork
Is this progress or recession
Is it dying or finally living
Does one revel in the new awareness
or solemnly weep in ashes

"We have kept the faith
We ran the course
We fought a good fight"
But the trip would suddenly pale in attraction
If the reward be only in the heavenlies

You who made all with a word
You who orchestrates from a higher floor;
See, the world crumbles, the structures tumble
Whats to be done, how does one stay strong
For there's an ongoing struggle, Sir
Grand tussle, a soul tussle.


  1. i loved the first four lines.they kinda overshadowed the rest f the poem for

  2. Grand tussle, a soul tussle.
    Love that.

  3. Liking the entry. Losing both would signify the end to life's battles,the end to our private and inner wars..

  4. Oh this is such a great piece... True in that the trip would suddenly pale in attraction
    If the reward be only in the heavenlies... What to do but keep on keeping on, lol

  5. when did u start going all poetical on us?

  6. >>leggy
    *chuckle*, well the thot kinda grew from there..

    First time yeah? WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG!? *chuckle*
    Thanks for stopig by.

    *sigh*, Now we wouldnt want that . Would we?

    >>Lil Miss Thang
    *sigh*. God help us, shay?

    Baby, where have you been?
    Ol girl...tis one of the languages of the multitude o.I'm just a medium.

    Thank peeps for showing your hands.
    Mancee appreciates y'all.


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