Sunday, June 21, 2009


(...inspired by a dear 8 month old charmer I had the pure joy of baby sitting for some hours)

Tired and hungry
I stumbled into the room
My bungling wakes her
And she turns her head
Realising my error, I freeze

She blinks on seeing my bulky frame

Her cheeks gather and I see the beginning of a smile
She smiles, Oh Lord! She smiles
Her legs thrashing in joy on seeing me
-My hunger disappears,
My weary frame is energized
I move to her and squat
By her side and tickle her chin

“Boo!”, I say , smiling too
She laughs out loud rocking her lithe body
The world is at peace and nothing else matters
Just the laughing beauty starring at me
I kiss her on the forehead with my beastly lips
She looks lovingly into my face
Her smiles soften my wizened gaze

Lord God!
How she makes my heart sing for joy

I lay my weary head besides hers
She’s babbling something I can’t quite make out
She reaches out and strokes my nose-smiling
Her touch says all she can ever say in words
I’m smiling-mirroring hers
God bless her soul
This lil Smiles Dispenser.



  1. Beautifully written..
    The only prt missing is when her smile disappeared as the pangs of hunger enveloped her..

  2. lol who knew that u were a baby magnet :) love the poem its so cute...but I thought it was... lol

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... I'm sitting here smiling and feeling all broody. I love babies... and men that are good with babies...

  4. lol....nicely likey.

  5. >>RocNaija,
    And to think some fellas call ME 'spoil sport'. LOL

    >>Miss Natural
    What can I say? I love babies and babes. Till either starts crying...

    >>Nice Anon
    :p ...thats me sticking out my tongue at you. LOL

    >>Miss Lowlah
    *VERY wide grin* tanku tanku

    Thanks gurl

    Thanks for stopping by, y'all.
    The ManCee appreciates you

  6. OMG, you got me, i was so touched by this post...ezigbo Beauty & the Beast...
    irony, my 6month old god-son let out a cry all the times i picked him up yesterday, i felt like smacking him. LOL

  7. aaaawwww how cute. Do i detect a good daddy here? Nice one!

  8. almost made me mussy for babies...
    Nice work Mancee

  9. aww this is so cute! she sounds adorable x

  10. Beautiful. I loved it. I hope she gets to read this someday :)

  11. >>bArOqUE
    Nna men, na real Beauty and the Beast

    lol. I hope so too...or wanna help me find out...?

    Thanks gurl


    She is actually. You should see her laugh...
    (I've been known to find excuses to go play with the lil woman, lol)

    Hmmm...thats a thot. I hope so too..

    Thanks Peeps
    Much appreciated.


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