Wednesday, June 10, 2009


(from the archives; wrote sometimes back when I really believed a particular relationship had a future, inspite of all the drama ...ah! well)

There's a way you call my name
My breath pauses in amazement

When I see you
My heart skips many a beat

This still puts me in wonder-
How does the coconut gets its water
Our palms the hieroglyphics

None can claim full awareness
We met them so…and like them
Of all our truths, this much is proven
Friendship is our support
Relationships our cloak

We know the Queen by the glitter of her tiara
A chieftain is stood out by his beads
There's a star, nay, two
Whose twinkle stand you out of ten thousands

When you have no one behind you
One falls like a Lackadaisical
With you, I strut like a ruling king

Look at the hoe, see its sharpness
We are ready to heap the ridges
I have seen the vision, beautiful queen
Our homecoming with the bountiful harvest
We who were thought unable to pitch a tent
See how the midday sun bathes our palace

You are my One
Of course yam cant replace pounded yam
You are my cloak
Come love me once more Beloved
I’ll peel yam on the fire, and
My amala making will span the whole street
In this Lovu wantintin feferity.


  1. if guy fit write this type for me, i go turn into baby making machine...


  2. Of course you would bring food into a love poem. Typical African man.

    Beautiful poem, you do have a way with words, lucky girl.

  3. Lemme guess..
    You wrote this and then.. poof!!
    Reality knocked!!

    Nice one!

  4. my brother, this love knocked you down!!! whatever became of it? care to share?

  5. awww....
    with u I strut like a ruling king.
    Double awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....
    so err...whatever happened ManCee?

  6. >>>Chayoma,
    LOL @ Baby Making Machine
    Well the chic didnt share that view...apparently. She got it and sent a stinker back..ouch!
    Ah well! shit happens eh?

    Lets just say it hit me like a rock

    >>bArOquE, Brokeass, Nice Anon
    The gist is rather boring (and sad?): I was in a supposedly long term relationship for like 3.5 yrs that was headed nowhere and it did take its toll...I walked away when I finished my entire life's supply of "unwarranted optimism". Boring, shay?

    Guilty as charged, what can I say? The way to an african man's heart is not just down south o..

    Thanx Y'all.
    If I do get round to writing a replica of the events, I should title it "UNWARRANTED OPTIMISM"
    ...thats what NO ONE should run a relationship on.

    Stay smiling :-)

  7. Lol @ NiceAnon, I think you're officially my comment hero!

    Anyway, really nice... I like the originality a lot

  8. See lyrics!
    PS. Whats with you and Shaggy?

  9. Eyah... sorry oh. For some reason this poem makes me think of farming and cooking the traditional way. In fact it's gor me craving cocoyam and some kinda soup...

  10. u no u didnt tell us wat later happened....aww..loved the poem though!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Crazy isn't it? Poetic words that are formed from just loving someone.
    Good one!

  13. lol@caramel typical african man..

    Abeg who doesn't like
    "You are my one of course yam can't replace pounded yam" true story.

  14. hmmmmm...I like your writings :) amala making will span the whole street. I think that's my favourite line cos u know I love my amala! lol

  15. u and pounded yam! lol@ feferity.
    original and different.
    I esp. like the title.

  16. How did amala enter inside this?? lol I should read this slowly

  17. Wow! This is Amala love. Lol. A Very creative piece. It's funny folks here are re-echoing the food part of the poem. Who no like food? Now u make me want to eat Amala. I have not eaten Amala for years now. It's funny love does not turn out the way we want it to sometimes.Hop u good sha.

  18. oooh Mancee i like this side of you. I like very much.
    lol@ Amala making....

  19. >>miss.fab

    >>archiwiz, Leggy,

    Shaggy was my room mate...and was an object of much disgust, wonder, hate, laughter etc. Overall I enjoyed the time we spent together...

    >>Miss Lowlah
    Glad to have re-awakened your inner naija.

    Abi? Love is a voice of the multitude. It lends expression to our inner Being

    I'm feeling that thou art a Pounded Yam Lover

    >>Miss Natural
    Ah! An unabashed naija person. Ever tried it with bens soup?.
    lol. Oh my...!

    >>Omo Oba
    Thank you, thank you HRH

    Read it slowly...through the eyes of your inner naija. lol

    >>Today's ranting
    Apparently a lot of nostalgia running around...I'm pleasantly surprised that my ppl can sniff out correct mealies from a jumble of words.
    Yeah Loving sucks sometimes...

    Tanku, tanku fery fery mush

    Thanks Y'all. Thanks for speaking out of the multitude, Mancee appreciates your 'yarnings'...very much.

  20. We are still waiting on the full gist! Haba! How long e go take you to update us on that?

  21. have i called u a wimp today? ok. now i have! tut tut if i'd read a POEM this mushy from a guy i was seeing i'd run for the hills too. ......after laughing hysterically at him.

    sorry have no romantic side whatsoever

  22. lemme guess? this was 4 Chine ABC


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