Sunday, September 13, 2009

***interlude*| "TO ALL THE GIRLS I'VE LOVED BEFORE" ***interlude*

For every tear I say
is laughter unbirthed

For every sigh breathed
Is a hundred smiles aborted

For every kiss given
is a thousand more to be recieved

In every hope of finding smiles
Must be greater faith of finding

I daresay, if I may, the judgement day
Should be on what love was left to waste

Which friendship we left to fade
Which kisses were left to fate
And fail rather than pursued with utmost faith

So theres the heartbreak that may come
But though the heartbreak is possible
Even more so is the heart being fulfilled

"Walk away my heart", you say?
To tow the safe lonely way

But how often do we want for joy
Just because we let go of life's buoy

when we could stand so deep in joy
and with joy dish out love to all



  1. This is really lovely. Every sigh i breathe is a hundred smile abborted. I ll always keep that in mind. And ur illustration on wat one shld be judged abt makes a lot of sense. Keep it up

  2. *sigh* Ive read make almost want to write my own version. It'll be called "To all the boys I have ever loved".......nice blog

    1. Whatever happened to that story you were going to write...?

  3. lol.. Mancee is at it again. Nothing do you jor!

  4. Nice poem, as usual, you write in words that touch the heart.Hope the girls get to read this. LOL

  5. Flowed like an undulating river......

  6. Do try to remember your own words when things seem a bit difficult.

  7. i wanted to say to all the guys i have loved
    but my mind comes up blank
    when i love'
    i don't stop loving
    don't mean i can't move on though

    i am just grateful to God...

  8. >>Sunnyside

    please do write...tis a great vent to attempt to rid one of those old odd thoughts lurking around. *wink*
    ...looking forward to reading yours-should you decide to, that is...

    >>Nice Anon
    Tanx, Nice babay...

    >>Myne Whitman
    Thank you...
    You almost make me want to re-read the poem wondering 'who is she talking about?'
    tanx again.

    Thanks bro

    Tanku tanku tanku

    Lol...I might have blushed if I wasnt so wonderfully dark.

    lol...knowing the right thing and doing it are two separate things o...
    tanx for stopping by

    Incoherent Baby, I see you've finally crawled out from under that rock...*pity*
    Whatagwan? ;-)

    Hmmm... I have theory on love (maybe in some other post) that it doesnt die but merely changes form...

    Dear people, I appreciate your time. More than I know how to say...


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