Sunday, August 8, 2010


As more time passes
And thoughts of you dear one
bloom mindlessly in my mind

I will reach out to you
across the expanse
this expanse
Thoughts of you will soar
taking up wings
and floating into the blue sky
changing to kisses
and gently floating to your side
to bring me to you
in a cloud of dreams
to alight softly on your pillow
and sing you sweet lullabies

I'll take your hands in mine
look in your eyes through their lids

I will stroke your face softly
lightly twist your hair round my fingers
Watch you while you beauty-sleep
And as the morning comes
Leave a box of kisses on your pillow
Each to melt in your mouth
And whisper in your ears dear
'My voice is my camouflage,
I am always right beside you"

How lovely your smile
Ever seems, to me,
instilling warmth and love.
Dancing sunbeams
Inside my heart.

-ManCee 00:18; 03052010


  1. This is so sweet and heart felt. I like!

  2. Mancee what is going on? love is in the air

  3. I don't know what to say...I guess I wish things could be different.

  4. >>ZeL, Myne Whitman
    Tanku Tanku

    >>Nice A.
    Of cos, sinnce she was born.
    TIs for my baby- miss the girl plenty.


    Thanks AND I know what to say
    'Stop staying on the sidelines, get a profile and join the family'

    Thanks Peeps.

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  6. lol to your above reply at anon. good one. hmm im sure whoever you wrote this for would appreciate it.


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