Friday, August 20, 2010


This is a product of a very boring morning meeting (and an iPhone 3GS that makes typing fun), so forgive the obvious 'joblessness' that is the mainframe of this train of thought.

I hate being lied to, especially when they are obvious lies that I feel insult my intelligence. ONLY exception to this rule is IF you are Steven Spielberg, John Woo etc and I have paid you my money and relegated my thinking facilities to the back ground and have prepared to be lied to on the big screen.

However, this morning for some reasons, these repressed memories come now to haunt me-for example, see Transformers (still one of the best tribute to the geek community, of which I'm a proud member. Thank you). It goes against most theories and realities of physics for those huge machine goons to 'transform' and become cars, trucks etc.
That said, Transformers 2 is a disgrace. A blatant disregard for and blasphemy against the lofty worship of science by those damn heretic commerce fanatics. Why would you bring such concept as 'the fallen' into a decent geek flick. I mean although sci fi and magic vids are similar in the portrayal of the impossible but there is a reason some of us will NEVER touch any of the Harry Potter defilements; sci-fi attempts to give some credible explanation for it's conjectures beyond some childish incoherent babble of 'abracadabra' and 'whooosh'. Tah!

Those heretics literally brought their mysticism corruption into an otherwise decent pillar of geeky fantasy. C'mon!!!
Transformer 2 and all associated merchandise should be withdrawn and discontinued as an Attempt at Restitution. And of course, such violations of the rational science inclined mind naturally leads one to start finding the many hidden fault lines in the green-eyed director's creation. An undeniable one being the fine chic-I choose to not remember her name- in spite of going through ALL the fireworks alive (!!!!!), she still managed to look hot and like she just stepped out of an intensive 24hr make up session. Come on, man. Did Mammon, your green-backed god put you in such a hurry to reap heaps of greens from us all that you let such 'obvious-ities' slip through your otherwise capable minds?

Well, that's what happens when you directors -who are high priests of the Order of the Geek decamp and defile yourselves with the droppings from the table of those sloven, vile green eyed Abominations.
Do not under estimate the power and reach of science and the geeks who genuflect at her altars, better issue us an unreserved apology ... Emmm, any chance of a free ticket to the premiere of Transformers 3? *wide toothy grin*


  1. You dey craze Man Cee, lol. I loved transformers 2 too. And Megan Fox is the foxy lady. Watch her and weep, or maybe do something else if you're a man, lol...

  2. lol@ do something what ohh, Myne??

    lemme not say anything about Megan before i'm dubbed a 'hater'

    Tranformer 1 was definitely better but i still enjoyed the effizy of 2.

  3. I don't even know where to start with you! OK point one yes I agree Transformers 1 was a dream come true and Transformers 2 was a bit of a hot mess (do not get me started on collagen lipped Megan Fox being trounced in the middle of a sandy wasteland and her white trousers stay clean for the whole thing)! I think Micheal lost his way and got too excited. He knows as well which is why he apologised and promised that Transformers 3 would go back to basics.

    Point 2, Harry Potter is NOT sci fi and never attempted to be. The word you are looking for is FANTASY. That is what the genre is called and that is for films like Lord of the Rings and Eragon as well. With the genre of fantasy you do not need any credible explanation for anything! The power is all in the author's mind and is not bound by any laws of our own life experiences. Therefore do not call them 'childish incoherent babble' as that means your imagination is not free enough to understand the power of true storytelling of any genre and that my dear means you are not a true geek!

    Signed Sexy Geek (Life member since 2000)

  4. LOL!!! Na only laff i dey laff... not that i dont have anything to say o. Infact, i have a truck-load, but seeing as u've already blamed it all on Boredom and "oyibo-made-easy", i'll let it ALL pass. Now, ain't i the generous one?

    @Do something else if you are a man; MyneW, that's by far the most sensible thing i've read this morning.

  5. LMAO. Sci-fi isnt my thing though

  6. Transformers 2 was great! it didn't have much of a story line but it rocked major ass!
    Now I can't wait for Harry Potter to show Voldelmort "who's his daddy"
    Malfoy is a goat

  7. >>Myne W
    Duh! Of course I dey crase...thot that was obvious since
    Lol. The last chic who said that to me ehn?...

    Ye! You have abused my whole clan!
    You didn't just go there, didya? if not that you be my person, I for deploy the Omega DNA de-sexifier nano-drones after you (not to be confused with the Alpha DNA DS nano drones whose effect is reversible) to take all sexiness from you and you'd end up looking like me. Wowoh. :p
    Now, to achieve the above, Hairy Putty would have waved a chewing stick around, mumble some jumbo and poof! You'd become ugly. However, sci-fi would still 'create' something to achieve this 'fantasy'.
    What's the use of dreams if they can't come true? Why be a geek if all U do is fantasize? That M&B stuff.
    Oyan if U wan create in real life, geeks become scientists or Tony Stark, magic/fantasy ppl become 'winsch'. So...which one you wan be?

  8. >>Repressed 1
    No mind Myne. Lol

    Bera say the say o. Haven't you heard that holding it in is bad for the health :D

    You are sOooOooo missing out.

    >>Nice A
    You ma, are obviously NOT a geek.
    Harry Potter Lover



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