Monday, October 12, 2009

To All The Girls I've Loved Before (5b)


In this life we share together
Per time and from time to time
One or both of us may want out...
Drown the sun in our personal miseries and daemons.
All the rain and all the pain
I hope its for the good
It is revealed we could be together for ever
And I'm ready to make that move
Cross that line with you with me
We could put some joy in each other's tears
The sun shines laughter when we live as one
And there's peace for those who believe in love
Lets go for Ours
Because dreams come true

though we often do dream in metaphors

 and dreams ( sometimes unreliable souls, I agree)
they show us the paths of our longings...

All I ever longed for was some love and peace and harmony

To dance in the raw in the sun underneath the stars


I want you to trust me
Trust my wisdom and my directions
Trust my idiotic stupidities too
Trust my head to wander often like a tramp
Trust my heart to always bring me home
Trust me to never cease from seeking greatness
And my heart to find it all lies in you
With you is what my life is about 
I am not afraid to love
I pray the distance gives my pain sound
In this here world-I will love some more
In front of the eyes of others
I will love you outside and inside me
In that place that's Our private treasure
In this life we share together
Let our individuality strengthen our love

 When I'm asked "Are you truly happy?" I'd say "Yes, truly"
But down here in reality everybody knows there ain't no such thing
And it's clear

It's obvious this here is not the place I'm supposed to be
On and on and on I've searched
What I'm looking for is here on earth with You
So I know that I gotta come to you
And I'm ready to make that move
I for one know my search is over
The Spirit bears witness with my spirit
Home for me will always be where you are.
Ps: may I come home? 


  1. Hmmm Mancee is in love oo! Good for you!

  2. Love nwantiti, ije mu na love, e only remain small. LOL.

    Ver lovely lines. MAncee keep it up and hope she gets to read these too.

  3. you and love seem to be enjoying a special friendship

  4. >>Nice Anon
    Love?! Hmmm...

    >>Myne Whitman
    Yeah She did...twas written for her now. Though the response wasnt exactly 'genz genz'.

    >>Repressed One

    'Special' indeed...howdy?

  5. @Nice Anon ohh cmon.
    hey this is a good peace...i bet Maureen is okay with the home bit.

  6. >>Robyn
    Emmm...not quite.
    See next post

    Pls, see next post

    >>David.фаворит Бога номер-один
    ...yep! It was love alright.

    Kindly click on link to next post (and the one after that)

    Thanks Peeps.


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