Wednesday, April 8, 2009



I wish America were a person, so I could break his legs. Crush actually. The idea is that he'd stay home, mind his business, stop eyeing the neighbour's goodies and quit sacrificing its young people's life just to maintain the image of 'Global Super Power'.

I wish I could poke out Osama's eyes and infest his yansh with a thousand afghan flies. Such that he can't stay hidden as the flies always seek him out and he can't stay in the open coz no one'll take him serious

I wish sex wasnt such a taboo such that it'll be hard to tempt 15year olds with the promise of a reward of 60 virgins in 'paradise'

Lets have some sex education folks. The young idiot above'll then know that he's better off with 2 sluts who know what the 'efff' they are doing...

I wish there'll be no more sickness in the world so that doctors'll be broke and that guy dragging babe with me go lose small lustre. Lol

I wish people'll stop saying I'm nice. It gets kinda annoying you see...

I wish I never broke up with my first girlfriend. We went out for almost 2 yrs. That woman showed me umconditional love. I think I still measure other girls by her. No, we never did 'it'

I wish everyone in the world is uncolored and transparent-then there'll be no color hating. AND you could see a chic's heart racing when you're hitting the x-spot. Lol.

I wish we never had to eat, then most of the sufferings and robberies in the world'll be gone. Sorry guys, that means chics wont dig the guy with the fatest wallet anymore...we'll all have to pay more attention to our lyrics...

I wish boobs dont grab my attention so. Then my NEXT girlfriend wont leave me saying I never talk to her only to her chest! As if her chest is on someone else...?!

I wish churches and mosques would pull down all of their public address horns. Damn ! Guys, those things are torture on your neighbors. What would Jesus or Mohammed do?

I wish my father had told me about pleasing women -he was a chronic Playa- instead of asking me to be a good boy...D'uh!
FYI father mine- I found out-and excelled. Lol


  1. i like your dad...not even one proper wish here, you have a long way to go mister

  2. haha, hilarious!!
    Love the part about 60 virgins sin paradise, horny motherfuckers!!!

  3. @Baroque
    The guy's a real gem. Per my 'wish' listing...aint we all Works In Progress?
    Thanks for driving by

    Nada wrong wit being horny but I'll seriously consider funding any NGO to teach those boys how 2 scope and do chics for themselves. I swear.
    Thanks for driving by

  4. i love the part about her boobs being on someone else's chest!u've got a point there and then the no colour hating one...nice one!

  5. @Leggy
    For a chic, I like your perspective on the boobs issue.

    Thanks for showing up

  6. lmaoooooooooo! thanks for the laugh mehn..

    one question tho..wetin yankee do u?? lol..

  7. lol @ no we never did 'it'...sounds like something I would say. Places of worship and all their noise, I have nothing against worship but yeah they can shout oh!

  8. Don't know where to start! Absolutely speechless. Talking to boobs huh? LOL.

  9. >>BUttercup
    A pleasure.
    Yankee no dey siddon for im house. If 'Yankee' was a child, he'd be going to the neighbours house to monitor/count the number of meat in their pot of soup. Wetin concern am? If he were my mother's child...she would have beaten sense and sensibility into his heart from waaaaay back.

    >>Miss natural
    Yeah...AND shout they do. (can you imagine, I have one right next to my coumpound!!!) its NOT pretty I tell you *sigh*



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