Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shaggy and Sons...The Introduction

I once used to live in a block of flats. My floor had 2 flats, I occupied one. I always had friends come around, passing the night, staying for the week (till its end sometimes). 2 friends, Shaggy and Salir became more permanent 'squatters'. I appreciated the company most times and got to expand my own network of 'friends'.

No, they werent paying rent-I guess the thot never occured to me. We just hung out.

Most guys like to think we would do any babe that offers 'it' anytime, any where. While most of us kept this as just components of out private thots and material for more salacious arguements, Shaggy actually lived the creed!

I once told him that his programming seemed to read like this;

Start Command
"Does it wear a skirt?"
If 'yes',
Shag it and brag about it
If 'No', Convince it to wear a skirt
Go to start command.

That was Shaggy. His job made him travel quite a bit, which was why he didnt get a place of his own back then...No need to. Anyways I wasnt complaining.

And yeah, Shaggy had this "Big Dog" Theory (more on this later) that it is "imperative for any self- respecting Dog to mark territory, even if he is just passing through...for a night".

During one of those lazy weekends, gist went round to how many time each of us had 'done it' ( No, doing it with the same girl counted for only quarter the mark, lol)...Yeah, I know, there should be a law against young men having too much free time on their hands, esp on week ends. The result of that poll is gist for another blog.

Shaggy ranked high of course. So I idly asked him how many times in all those had he used a condom...He looked at me like I was from some alternate dimension or something.

"Why would I wanna do that?".

"Flesh to Flesh Is Best", he told me.

I couldn't believe it!

We went into an extensive debate on that one , till the guy agreed with our point of view.

To punish him, however, we wrote on ALL his stuff "SHAGGY AND SONS"

...In honor of ALL the possible children he has all over the country where he has 'marked territory' ...which he probably isnt aware of. The prospect of this sobered him for a few days, but there was no way in 10,000 galaxies that we were going to let him get over it without poking fun. (Sure, its a guy thing)

(maybe I'll post a picture of him and you just may be able to identify a few of those lil people in your area...)


  1. despite how much i dislike my sensitivity dulled, i am marking no bloody territory by skin diving...hope Shaggy can stay away from stray punani

  2. lol....ur quite a nice writer...yeah i'd like a picture maybe ill recognize someone.just kidding!

  3. @Baroque,
    One good thing about Shaggy, he DOES NOT discriminate. lol
    Stray or collared, Punani IS punani.

    Tho we used to attempt to scare him with his 'bastards in da diaspora' theory...I really dont believe he actually has any.
    Besides, I wouldnt sell out my guy like that. what if his bride sees it...and recognises one of her nephews, nieces, neighbours etc

  4. loooooooool..

    aside from the possible shaggylets around the world, wasnt he scared of contacting the dreaded diseases?? dang..

  5. looooooooooooool...

    foreal mehn...d guy no de fear disease?

  6. >>Buttercup
    Lol@ Shaggylets. Strangely enough a lot of people dont believe AIDS is real, more even argue that its a 'white man's' thing!

    lol...brave man I guess or is stupid more appropriate?


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